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Lynex LX1000 Slope Mower Applications

  • Cuts long grass, light undergrowth and short grass to a good amenity standard
  • Suitable for slopes and embankments of up to 75 degrees incline
  • Performs equally well on the flat, is ideal for cutting beneath trees where headroom is restricted
  • Suitable for use on:
    • Roadside Embankments and Verges
    • River Walls and Watercourses
    • Reservoir and Lagoon Banks
    • Monuments and Heritage Sites
    • Bird and Nature Reserves
    • Golf Courses
    • Water Works and Treatment Plants
    • Sewerage Treatment Plants
    • Railway Embankments
    • Airports and Airfields
    • Ministry of Defence Sites
    • Firing Ranges
    • Munitions and Bulk Fuel Installations
    • All grass banks and revetments
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Radio Controlled Slope Mower

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